Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making money online --- tips, ideas and advice

If you are a webmaster, you will see this every day if you are looking for a profit in the online world. Now I'm not talking about opening a store or selling something. I'm talking about affiliate programs, banner exchanges, paid surveys, paid emails, paid to surf, and paid to hit. These programs promise much profit, but they really mean what they say? You can earn a decent living by taking surveys?

The answer is Yes and No. First off, you will be able to earn this kind of money if you have no job, no hobbies other than on-line, and not having anything better to do. I signed up with several areas of research and I have fifty dollars in one year (I do not get many as you can tell.) This is not bad for a latte or a movie but it will go through the week. See more research takes about fifteen minutes. Most surveys offer a reward between two and five dollars. Also, one gets about three to four requests a day investigations. If you do the math, that would equal about twelve bucks an hour. Not bad, you say? Consider this, one day you decide not to do any research, the next show too much or the amount of reward is very low and did not get. You have done zilch. Exactly my point. We have plenty of time on your hands, a real passion to earn money on-line, and a lot of luck to succeed. It's possible.

Can affiliate programs earn you some income? Depends again on your resources. Unlike surveys, affiliate programs do not get your time off. Just stick a link to your site agreement and people watch. Right? Wrong, to get people to the agreement under your connection requires a high quality site, a good search engine positioning, links to your site, and quality visitors. This is the part that will take time. Success in affiliate programs depends on your traffic. If you have little or no traffic, you are wasting your time. Unless your guests know personally and probably convince you to sign up, you will not make much money. We get visitors. I have found that the best way to do this is to submit products or resources in other areas. I have started to build and submit website templates for free at some sites. The very same week I submitted my model that began hundreds of visitors daily. Once you get started, you can not stop. These first visitors if they like your site, you will probably put something on a blog, will tell their friends, or will not take into account the absence of time. Encourage me to you is to do something for the general public like write articles or submit templates and have a link back to your site you submitted too.

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