Saturday, December 4, 2010

Secret Technique to Make Money by Blogging

Today I decided to reveal one of the techniques that have allowed this blog to gain a lot and differentiate the way to make money online.

I was very unsure whether or not to share this information.

Then I decided to share and 'the right thing, Internet users are so many that there really are no possibility' that copying my technique I can lose money.

I strongly believe in collaboration and sharing, we bloggers should try to work closer together; today we do far too little!

And the sea of the internet 'so great that there is no' risk of lower revenues due to the share.

Indeed, collaboration can not 'do nothing but benefit everyone and to make more' profitable existence of our bloggers.

I hope that this philosophy could gain a foothold in most 'early so as to create synergy that will enable to increase the earnings of all.

Perhaps I have dwelt too much with this introduction, we move immediately to the technique.

Three simple steps will allow you to monetize your blog and differentiate your income.

1) Subscribe to the various services that offer affiliate programs pay per lead.

2) Write reviews and / or stories about the various programs

3) Publicize the reviews.

The technique and 'simple in its nature but it’s very effective.

1) Subscribe to the various services that offer affiliate programs pay per lead.

First you have to find services / sites offering pay per lead programs.

What 'the Pay Per Lead and why' we should find and subscribe to this service / site?

The Pay Per Lead and 'the system that allows you to get revenue for each person to whom do you take a specific action, for example: fill out a form, listing a site, request information, etc...

There are many sites, to acquire new visitors are willing to pay, and often pay very well all the visitors coming from your blog.

The reason why we find these services / sites arises from the consideration that can make a visitor to do something that does not involve an outlay of money and 'far more' easier than trying to sell a product or service, especially through blogs.

Below are the sites I use on Nuovibusiness to find Pay Per Lead campaigns, all serious and sites that pay regularly.

Sprintrade: The best regards my own experience.

Tradedoubler: The most 'great all around, offer' seriousness', customer care, etc..

Zanox: Second only to Tradedoubler.

Publicidees: Good site, do not use it much, but it has many offers Pay Per Lead.

Clickpoint: I use little short but 'I will show you' How to Make Money with Clickpoint.

If you wish to propose a site, leave me a comment and update the list.

2) Write reviews of various programs.

Once you find the various programs Pay Per Lead that you want to promote the work begins more 'important to write this review.

This moment of truth where your skills of blogging and copy writing will be brought into play.

The purpose of these reviews / stories and 'cause your readers to take action that will allow you to' make money.

To do this you need to apply some strategy of persuasion, for example, create a story, preferably funny, and make sure that the reviews will serve as a complete article.

My advice is to try to include the largest possible number of offers pay per lead in the same article; this will allow you to 'maximize the results of your article.

In the future I will try 'to write some article about persuasion and copywriting applied to writing on blogs.

3) Publicize the reviews and / or stories.

Done all the work to be done now so it will not be lost.

Often these articles are written and then are archived and are no longer 'visible to readers who come from search engines.

Instead you must make sure that these items are always available on the Home page, possibly to be located in areas with more 'high visibility' and attractive titles.

You can ensure that people coming to your site want to read these articles, please call the area where list these items with intriguing titles such as Best Articles, articles that you can not lose, etc..

Applying these three little steps you will have a guaranteed income over time and be able to differentiate your gains and make money online, you may not be the most 'dependent solely on Google AdSense, and increase your monthly earnings.